Help us create a better future for all

At Elsker Elsker, we believe in the deep connection between humans and the natural world. We're constantly exploring new ways to improve our practices, seeking out innovative solutions that align with our eco-conscious ethos. 

We encourage our community to join us on this journey by choosing thoughtful products that are made to last.


We are committed to reduce unnecessary plastic and waste by using eco-friendly and sustainable packaging for all of our products. We always look into new and better ways to improve this aspect of our business as we continue to grow.


We use recyclable mailer boxes, acid free paper and biodegradable mailer bags to ship your order. All completely eco-friendly and discreet. Australia Post is our current delivery partner.


Elsker Elsker was born out of a desire to improve the sustainability of the sexual wellness space. We believe that natural and long lasting materials will improve our physical and mental well being without taking it's toll on the environment. All of our wands and plugs are made from 100% natural cystals and our sensual body oils are locally made with Australian botanicals.