Clear quartz classic pleasure wand

Size, weight and material

Size: Approximately 17.5cm x 4cm at the widest point

Weight: Approximately 410g

Material: 100% clear quartz

This product is handmade and might differ slightly in shape, size and colour

Product care

Gently cleanse using warm water and mild soap before and after use. Don’t use boiling water as this will compromise the crystal. Be careful if cleaning your toy in a porcelain sink as the toy can break if dropped.

Keep your toy safe in the Elsker Elsker storage pouch when it’s not in use as crystal toys are delicate and can break.

Do not use the toy if cracked or chipped.

How to use

Please read Elsker Elsker's pleasure guide here.

Shipping and returns

Please note that all sales are final due to the nature of the product. View our shipping and returns policy here.

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